February 23, 2016

It is almost 20 years since Martin Seligman inaugurated the field of positive psychology. The context was this: he felt that psychology tended to focus mainly on what is wrong with people, on dysfunction, disorder and distress. Of course, there were areas that did hold...

February 23, 2016



Of all the intriguing concepts in my gathering of "untranslatable words," few are stranger or more alluring to me than those hailing from Japan. Okay, having read Edward Said, I'm wary of the risk of "orientalizing" this fascinating country, of romantically construct...

February 18, 2016


Aloha, as they say in Hawaii. This beautiful word is very apt, for a garland of reasons. This is my first blog for the venerable Huffington Post, which is naturally an exciting occasion for me. In fact, it’s really my first blogpost ever – apart from a furtive attempt...

December 18, 2015

So, despite my technophobia and vague computer mistrust, I've managed to cobble together a website, thanks in good part to Wix (for the wizardry that makes it seem like someone like me can actually 'code') and to Kate (for steering me away from some disasterous 'unorth...

December 14, 2015

My first ever blog. The inauguaration of the Positive Lexicography project! More details to follow (when I work out how to use this website!)

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