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Applied Positive Psychology: Integrated Positive Practice

Authors: Tim Lomas, Kate Hefferon & Itai Ivtzan

Publication date: September, 2014

Publisher: Sage




This exciting new textbook, written by leading academics in the UK, offers the very first authored title on applied positive psychology for university courses. Consisting of the latest cutting-edge theory and research in the subject and structured around a pioneering multidimensional model of wellbeing, this book will provide you with the knowledge and tools to apply positive psychology in many areas of life. These include interventions aimed at developing mental and physical functioning, to recommendations for enhancing relationships and reshaping organisational structures. The book shows how these practices can be successfully deployed in diverse real-world settings, from the classroom to the workplace. Key features include:


  • Learning objectives set out at the start of each chapter

  • Practice essay questions throughout and quizzes to test your knowledge at the end of each chapter

  • Useful measurement tools and recommendations for research

  • Summary boxes and suggested further reading and resources

  • Case studies and ‘Reflection’ boxes that invite you to explore topics in greater depth and relate findings to your everyday life.


This book will be essential reading for all students with an interest in or studying a course in applied positive psychology, and is strongly recommended to students taking a wider course in positive psychology and the psychology of happiness and wellbeing.


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